SadderDay Saturday


Why did he die?
All his power, but he did nothing?
Impressive restraint
Tolerance unheard of

Solemn Saturday. Stinky Saturday. Super Unawesome Saturday. Terrible Saturday. (You see how that last matches up with Good Friday? It’s like aliteration, but with the letter directly after second word’s starting letter starting the first word. See how clever that was now? 😉 )

Whatever you call it this had to be the worst day for just about everyone.

For the disciples: though you  can imagine the days merging into one, the horrible reality of death must have hit hard on Super Unawesome Saturday.

For those who listened to Jesus’ teachings: they must have been sad as only those on the outside can. Not close enough themselves to be sad as family, but close enough to be sad for the family, and themselves.

For the Pharisees: well, we can only speculate here, because it depends on if they really did have Righteousy Guts of Steel, and could kill in the Lord’s name. If they believed that they’d done good, then they probably had a good day wondering why everyone else was so sad.

(One can always hope that they spilled coffee on their laps as they drove to the office, though.)

But God just whispered the word “wait” to everyone’s hearts. Just wait.

2 Replies to “SadderDay Saturday”

  1. Interesting series you have going here, Ian. You like to write around Easter time, huh? 🙂 (Everyone, see Ian’s post titled, “Easter”)

    I must confess, I do not understand (even a little) what you meant by second letter after first alliteration matching up and something or other else…

    There’s a Caedmon’s Call song that has a lyric about the SadderDay (you’re hilarious) 🙂

    “It’s like that long Saturday
    Between your death and the rising day
    Where no one spoke a word and wondered is this the end?”

    I liked your thoughts and perspective yesterday and today. Thanks for writing them out. 🙂

    Love, Dad

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