Family Parenting

“No, Me First Potty!”

Our Julia started potty training this past week. She is doing fantastically! Really! Better than the rest of the kids combined! She just gets it, and she is doing so great!

Her little friend Julia V also started potty training in earnest last week. She, too, is doing great! They both get rewards when they remember to go (and are successful!) and they both are getting many rewards!

Well, little Julia V came to visit the other night. She had to go potty. I forget, really, who had to go first… but once one had to go, so did the other. They took turns pulling their pants down and squatting on the tiny plastic potty in our living room while we all tried to watch an episode of the Knight Rider (yes, the show from the 80s…). It was quite a spectacle!

They would argue back and forth, “No, ME first potty!!” And they were serious! There has never been so much potty-sitting by two (very cute) tiny people in a 45-minute span… in the history of the world!!

It was really cute… and certainly a memory! A little strange… 🙂 But very cute. 🙂