Ice Cream Sandwiches

Ice Cream SandwichIce cream sandwiches are a hit in the Campbell home. And at just over 16ยข a piece, that’s not a bad price tag for a happy kid!

Tonight Emma came to find me in my reading chair, in search of the permission needed to enjoy another of these favored sweet treats. (Unbeknownst to me, she had already been told no by her mother, because this would be her third on the day!)

“Dad, can I have an ice cream sandwich?” asks sweet, innocent, little smiley Emma. (Knowing, I believe full well, that she was supposed to talk with Dad about why she couldn’t have that very same ice cream sandwich. (Mom filled me in later.)

“Well…” I said only partially pondering, because really, how can you refuse that cute little face? “Sure.” My permission granting came with an I-love-you smile, and I sent her on her way to enjoy her granted treat.

“I just love ice cream sandwiches…” says the departing Emma, dreamily. “I mean, they have chocolate bread… and ice cream! And … they stick together… how do they get it to stick to-GETHER??” She is passionately wondering about the greatness of this snack.

I match her passion, “I know, right??? They are sooo GOOD!!”

Happily she leaves, on her way to her well-earned, yet equally ill-gotten wonder snack.

And really, who doesn’t love ice cream sandwiches?

(And how do they just stick them together like that??) ๐Ÿ™‚

Check this out: ice cream sandwich history, and recipe for home made ice cream sandwiches! Maybe we’ll find out how they stick ’em together!!


The Wisdom of Emma

Emma's Eyes

Last night was an OK Night with Emma (“One Kid Night”). Those are always a source of fantastic verbal “gems”. Here are a couple for your enjoyment:

The Funnest Words

After sharing a bit of her wisdom with me, I said to Emma, โ€œEmma, you are so clever!โ€ In response, almost to herself, with a happy, satisfied giggle, she said, โ€œI get the funnest words.โ€

Good At Rhyming

At Emma’s request we found some music on the radio, and turned it up as to play as loudly as our ears could stand. Billy Joel’s “It’s Still Rock ‘n Roll To Me” was playing when from the back, in a loud, confident, quite sincere voice, Emma asserts, “This boy is good at rhyming!!”