Family Home Schooling

Julia’s Growing Up

We were sitting at the table doing what I like to call “Table Time” and Julia had a little calculator she was playing with. She offered it to Alex and said, “Here you go.” But as soon as he would reach for it, she would pull it back to herself… teasing her big brother. Alex was sad. She did it again.

Some people like teasing and that’s ok, but I am not a fan of teasing others.

First I told Alex that she learned that from him. (He thinks teasing is pretty fun 🙂 Then I told Julia, “Julia, that is not nice. Teasing Alex is not nice. When you say ‘Here you go’ and then take it back for yourself… that’s not nice.” So immediately she extended the calculator back to Alex and said, “Here you go!” This time she gave it to him… happily 🙂

And not 5 seconds later she said, “Almost done?”

I think she might have gotten that from Alex too 🙂