Body of Christ

I’d like to pose this metaphorical comparison to you.

In our world society is seen on many levels. America is built (was built) on a societal format like this: 1. God 2. Family 3. Town, city, state, federal government. You see society (defined roughly as organized interaction/living with other people) on every level. From the family (Parents to siblings, siblings to siblings, spouse to spouse) to the entire world (nation to nation), there is a society for people.

But, society isn’t just skin deep.body

When you look at the human body, you can see a Society of Organs, the Board of Muscles, and the Imperial Nervous System all working together from the main organ to the products of the organs. Bones and Co. (llc) are responsible for supporting the muscles. That’s the same as Coca-Cola being dependent on a plastic company for bottles. It’s a society. Without Blood Management Inc. the whole body would die. Just like the lack of water management would kill people in “real” society.

There’s more, though. On a smaller level, there are cells. Cells can vary but they are all living things that make up our human body. (Wow, big picture for a little cell.stem_cells

But even this society is made up of smaller society. Look closer at the cells. They’re always described as small cities and the like. With each piece doing it’s part at an impossibly small scale.

But even this society is made up of even smaller society. What makes up those cells? Individual atoms that merge their businesses to form new opportunities (e.g hydrogen to helium).Atom-1

But I didn’t come here to tell you that.best_space_hd_wallpaper

You, no doubt, have heard of constellations; incredible designs made up of stars. I do not personally know how evolutionists disprove that show of organization, but  to me, they’re… okay, I’ve got nothing I just wanted a segway to space. (Note to self: Make flying Segway)

In space you see an incredible amount of precision. It’s nearly perfect. There’s still decay and whatnot, but everything stays the same. Scientists know that the Earth will be Y in X amount of Hrs. and ~ #^&% + )(+ ** = 🙂 because they know the pattern.

Pattern? Society has patterns, doesn’t it? Yes, and in space, it’s the most primitive form of society. Traffic-like society. You’ve got an asteroid in the southbound lane, should he take Transit? No that’ll take him downtown… but in reality, as a inanimate object, he’s got no say in the matter. Gravity, or God (That sounds like an article in the making), keeps the asteroid in it’s path. The planets orbit, and gyrate. The galaxies be galactic. It’s all guns and roses. Um, Sunshine and… whatever people say.

Fact is, society is absolutely everywhere. The pixels on your screen. The words that I’m writing. Think about it. The pixels work together to form a picture, while the words form sentences. Which turn into paragraphs, and then finally an article, a book, a lot of words.

Back to the Bodily Society, what does God say about Christians? We’re the body of Christ. So with all of this society in mind, think back to the atoms. They make up stuff. They are things. Remember that they have mini societies with electrons and protons that orbit and such, just like, on a much, much larger scale planets orbit around stars, and stars orbit the center of their galaxy, and… I don’t know what galaxies do. Google says they gather in clusters. So, galaxies huddle.

So, in light of the society, and the body. What if (best two-word combination ever!) the universe is God.

Boom. Mushroom cloud in brain. Mind blowing. Mind blown.

Now, before you start to say, “Well, wait a minute… what about all of the sin, and the imperfection, and the death, why’s that happening if the universe is God?” let me say, “I’m not stating a fact, just a theory,” and, “Let me explain.”

When Jesus was put on the cross, he was a martyr for all of our sins. He took away God’s wrath in order to save our sorry hides. In the beginning, the universe was broken, when sin came into play. Just like Jesus was broken to pay for our sins.

Also, the bible is very interpretable leaving so much to the imagination, but there are times when it states simply what is true. Could be that it was stating a fact. Why waste time with metaphors when something is actually factual but it sounds like a metaphor.

Not only that, I’ve always thought that God was a whole lot more real that we give him credit for. He doesn’t have to be physical (and he’s not really) but he can interact with us on a physical level I’m sure (he is, ahem, God after all).

I can’t think of any specific reasons why it couldn’t be true, except the imperfection. Even if this isn’t true, it’s fun to see all of the similarities in the world, and universe we live in.

(Now I must solve the conundrum posed by the lyrics “He holds the whole wide world in his hand”. Does “world” refer to earth? Is the “whole wide world” the Milky Way? Does God even have hands?)