I Eat Bark

I (Greg) made a feast for dinner tonight… just for fun. I baked some salmon with butter and dill, then made some home made mashed potatoes, and added some fresh cooked veggies. And, at the last minute, added some fresh brewed sweet tea!

Surprisingly, Julia loved the Salmon. A LOT! So she ate and ate, and when it was all gone, she discovered two pieces of the skin I had peeled off for her. Her eyes lit up, and she grabbed them in her tiny little hands and stuffed the WHOLE giant piece in her mouth! I expected it would come right back out, but she chewed, swallowed, and reached for the next one!! Hilarious! What kid WANTS to eat fish skin??

But the best part was a couple minutes later. I had gotten down to get something off the floor, and then stayed next to her for a moment longer. While I was there, she looked at me with her most sincere face, and said, “I eat bark.”

It took a second to understand what she meant, but once I figured out she was talking about the fish skin, I got quite a good belly laugh out of it. 🙂

She IS a cutie! A little gross… but a cutie! 🙂

Family Parenting

“No, Me First Potty!”

Our Julia started potty training this past week. She is doing fantastically! Really! Better than the rest of the kids combined! She just gets it, and she is doing so great!

Her little friend Julia V also started potty training in earnest last week. She, too, is doing great! They both get rewards when they remember to go (and are successful!) and they both are getting many rewards!

Well, little Julia V came to visit the other night. She had to go potty. I forget, really, who had to go first… but once one had to go, so did the other. They took turns pulling their pants down and squatting on the tiny plastic potty in our living room while we all tried to watch an episode of the Knight Rider (yes, the show from the 80s…). It was quite a spectacle!

They would argue back and forth, “No, ME first potty!!” And they were serious! There has never been so much potty-sitting by two (very cute) tiny people in a 45-minute span… in the history of the world!!

It was really cute… and certainly a memory! A little strange… 🙂 But very cute. 🙂

Family Home Schooling

Julia’s Growing Up

We were sitting at the table doing what I like to call “Table Time” and Julia had a little calculator she was playing with. She offered it to Alex and said, “Here you go.” But as soon as he would reach for it, she would pull it back to herself… teasing her big brother. Alex was sad. She did it again.

Some people like teasing and that’s ok, but I am not a fan of teasing others.

First I told Alex that she learned that from him. (He thinks teasing is pretty fun 🙂 Then I told Julia, “Julia, that is not nice. Teasing Alex is not nice. When you say ‘Here you go’ and then take it back for yourself… that’s not nice.” So immediately she extended the calculator back to Alex and said, “Here you go!” This time she gave it to him… happily 🙂

And not 5 seconds later she said, “Almost done?”

I think she might have gotten that from Alex too 🙂


Along The Way

It’s not really about getting there, it’s about the fun on the way there. That’s kinda how we live (or at least, hope to) and so that’s what this page will be – as much as we have time to document the fun along the way.

There are so many funny moments, poignant moments, memorable moments. And many of them are definitely worth preserving, and/or sharing. So come back and visit this page for the latest Campbell anecdotes, or just grab the RSS feed and join us “Along the Way”.