Knights Keeper Lacks, Offense Attacks

4679The Knights, coming off of their 3-1 win were confident in there abilities to play a complete game against the MCYH Eagles of Scottsville.

The game was a little weird from the beginning, though. The home team, the Eagles of Scottsville rescheduled the game the morning of the game, and did so illegally, not maliciously (see end for more), throwing the Knights for a slight loop.

“When I got there, I looked at the schedule, and there was no 9:30 game,” Logan Davis said. “So I knew something was messed up, but when we asked the guy about the nine-thirty guy he was a real jerk about it and was just telling us that the league rescheduled that morning and he just found out about it too, but he couldn’t help us out, cause it had to be the way it was or something like that.”

The Knights regrouped, with Greg Trost attempting to get them some lenience. Eventually the whole team (excluding Sid Klass who didn’t make the trip due to illness) was there, and they got on the ice with about sixty-nine minutes remaining on the game clock.

The game began and the Knights got a lot of pressure to begin with. Petermichael Karekos’ line was out, and they were moving the puck and getting quality shots. About two minutes in, Karekos was down low, and the Eagles of Scottsville were shoving him over, but he managed to get the puck to loop over the goalie and dribble in.

“It was a weird goal, but I was aiming for that, and it worked,” Pete said with laugh.

The first period was about to end, when goaltender made the biggest mistake of his short career, a mistake he will never live down, and will be reminded of daily, if not hourly. On the penalty kill, the Eagles of Scottsville dumped a puck down the ice, and Ian Campbell (a name to be remembered in utter infamy) scanned the ice.

“I tried to make a play by sending Noah (Van Stralen) away, drawing their pressure guy to the left, and passing to (Jared) Priolo to the right. So I pointed to the left, and Noah and the guy moved. I looked at the puck, and then I looked up to Jared. When I went to pass, the puck was in the net.”

One to one. Seriously, Ian?

With seconds left in the first, the Eagles of Scottsville also got a screen goal.

“It was SO STUPID,” blurted Campbell, when asked about the goal. “It was just unlucky, (Alec) Mel(roy) had just slid into to take out their guy, who was trying to screen me, and I couldn’t see, so I opened my stance to drop back, and get a better view, and so when I heard the shot, I dropped, but I was stuck with my right leg out, and by the time I brought in, the goal had been scored.”

Going into the second period down one, the Knights came out strong. They got a tying goal, and shortly after that, the Eagles of Scottsville came back to take the lead.
Not being discouraged, the Knights came back and put in a nice shortsided goal. The goalscorer (You know who you are, but I don’t.) brought the Knights right back into the game. But the Eagles of Scottsville were allowed into the zone with a few minutes left, and their slot guy was wide open, and he finished for the four to three lead.

“I honestly don’t know what happened (on that goal),” Campbell says. “But the problem with that goal was it felt like there was no defense. It doesn’t matter because you win as a team and you lose as a team. I put every goal on me, and that’s that.”

With about three minutes left in the period, the Eagles of Scottsville began a break out in their end, and the defense, who had been on the ice for about five minutes, was tired. So Jared Priolo and his defense partner decided to change, apparently thinking that the defenseman coming off the bench could make the play, unfortunately, that change mishap resulted in a three on none that the Eagles of Scottsville capitalized on.

5-3 at the beginning of the third period.

The third period was as quickly-paced as any game in this league, with the game clock only having twenty minutes left, with fifteen minutes of game to go. The Knights made no mistakes going after the Eagles of Scottsville, who had a lack of effort to begin the period. The Knights scored two goals within four minutes, and with seven minutes on the game clock the game was tied for a while. Then, Gavin Furhmann scored the goal that took the lead for the Knights!

Buuuuuut, then Ian Campbell blew it.

Off the face-off at center ice, one on one with a guy that broke free (thanks Galvin) Campbell squared off, and got sniped short side.

“Really a perfect shot,” Campbell admits. “You know, unstoppable, or whatever.”

The game ended tied at six, with both teams disappointed in the result but not in their efforts.

The game will be redone, due to unfair timing rules, but that’s still up in the air. The only thing for the Knights to do is keep plugging away and working hard.